Professional Appraisal Services for Stamps & Paper Ephemera


Timely and professional, expert valuations.

Chris works with private individuals, collectors, dealers, not-for-profit groups, financial advisers and legal professionals to meet their needs for expert valuations that reflect the realities of today’s global market.

Our services are available to:

Private Individuals & Collectors to assist in acquiring or disposing of assets, downsizing, settlement of estates, family division, etc.
Insurance, Financial, and Legal Professionals ensuring appropriate claim payments, estate settlement and probate, capital gains, etc.
Museums and Public Institutions for donations, Crown asset disposal, etc.
Charities/Not-For-Profit Groups to evaluate donations and to comply with Canada Revenue Agency regulations.

If you have a need for a competent, independent valuation of of stamps, postal history, postcards, or any vintage and antique ephemera, contact Chris for a complimentary consultation.

What is Involved?

Any appraisal begins with a clear assessment of the needs of the client. At your convenience, Chris will meet with you to discuss the reason for the appraisal, and will explain the process best suited for your valuation. Be it for fair market value, replacement value, or liquidation value, your requirements are paramount. The terms of the appraisal will be clearly outlined in a contract signed by both parties.

Having established the purpose of the appraisal, a proposal will be discussed, outlining the steps to be taken and a timeline for completion, as well as ensuring that you know exactly what will appear in the final appraisal report. Before work begins, you will also be provided with a clear, comprehensive quote either as an hourly rate or for the entire project, to ensure that you face no surprise fees.

Please note that we do not provide verbal valuations or conduct appraisals without personally inspecting the property to be appraised.

What is the Result?

Based on the initial consultation, Chris will prepare a report that will meet your requirements, be it for a single, high-value item or a comprehensive collection or estate inventory. These can range from a small summary report to an extensive inventory and evaluation.

You will be provided with a printed copy of your appraisal report, as well as digital copies of any photos that have been included.

What does it Cost?

Chris is proud to tailor his services to each client, and as such, appraisal costs very much depend on the scope of the project undertaken. Fees will be based either on an hourly/daily rate, or a quote for a comprehensive project will be provided. An appraisal will never be undertaken where fees are based on a percentage of appraised value, due to the inherent conflict of interest.

All costs will be clearly discussed before a project is undertaken, including any research, transportation, and sundry fees. All appraisals are subject to a minimum one-hour fee of $150.

Looking to Sell?

For those who do not require an appraisal but rather are looking to sell, Chris is pleased to meet to discuss your requirements and, if appropriate, to make a cash-value offer for your stamps, postal history, and ephemera. There is no fee to review a collection for possible purchase, however, please be aware that these reviews do not constitute appraisals.